Cordyceps Sinensis & it’s Effect on the Immune System

Having a healthy immune system is essential for overall health and fighting off viral infections and colds. A great balanced diet and exercise are the best ways to keep a good immune system but natural remedies can also help boost one’s immune system. Rather than opting for an artificial medication that could have side effects, there are a few great natural immune system boost supplements out there to try. One of the most popular and effective natural remedies is the fungi Cordyceps.

Cordyceps have been used as a natural raw supplement for over 1000 years but it wasn’t until recently that Cordyceps were available to the general public. The health effects of Cordyceps are being studied thoroughly by scientists around the world. Many scientists have shown some very promising results with Cordyceps effects on warding off multiple diseases and promoting a better overall immune system. The effects of this natural fungus are truly astonishing.

One reason Cordyceps are thought to play such an important role in strengthening the immune system is because of how polysaccharide rich they are. Polysaccharides have been found to enhance the immune system to a high level. Along with these polysaccharides the Cordyceps have been reported by patients to be a real vitality booster. Along with all this vitality, Cordyceps will also help the immune system by improving oxygen absorption and the body’s ability to deliver nutrients. Cordyceps have given some very promising results to fighting several diseases.

Research in Japan has shown that Cordyceps heighten the reactivity of the immune system in support against some forms of cancer and tumor cells. Mice had tumor cells injected into them in a clinical study and then they were given Cordyceps. Incredibly there was a reduction of tumor size in many of the mice and the survival time of the mice increased after being treated with Cordyceps! Cordyceps may very well be a real cancer breakthrough with more research and study.

New research has found that while taking Cordyceps patients’ cellular activity increased by an incredible 74%! Additionally, increased blood flow and liver health benefits were reported. With this increased cellular activity and immune system benefits, Cordyceps has actually been shown to help destroy cancer cells in patients! That’s right, some patients have actually had cancer cells destroyed from Cordyceps treatment, a totally natural product. Cordyceps can be considered one of the few 100% natural supplements to help ward off some forms of cancer that are legal!

With all of this great news we need to keep in mind that Cordyceps is still a fairly recent mainstream enhancement product. There is still a lot of testing that needs to be done on new benefits that Cordyceps can offer people. But with the fact that Cordyceps are a truly 100% natural enhancement product, and all of the positive benefits to the immune system reported through research, buying Cordyceps is a no-brainier. Cordyceps has been clinically proven to increase blood flow, increase cell strength and is known to be polysaccharide rich.


  1. Hi
    Just to correct something in the article about Immunity, it is not the Cordyceps Polysaccharides which have the powerful effect on cancer tumors, it is the Cordycepin. In Japan, researchers predominantly only had access to Cordyceps militaris which is commercially grown in Japan in very small quantities. Cordyceps militaris and especially some of the strains available in Japan is far higher in Cordycepin than Cordyceps Sinensis, in fact CS-4 has virtually no Cordycepin present, nor does any extract of Cordyceps Sinensis mycelium. Cordycepin is however present in the fruiting body of both C.Sinensis and C.Militaris, however in higher quantities in C.Militaris.
    The great bulk of supplements on the market today are C.Sinensis mycelia, e.g. CS-4. Strains grown in the USA are predominantly C.Sinensis, some on substrate, some by fermentation. Those that are grown on substrate would harvest the fruiting body and will contain Cordycepin, however a great many of these producers also include the substrate in the final powder and an analysis of these would reveal over 70% rice flower as the main component in the final capsule….a very cheap product indeed which would have no beneficial effect at the usage rates which are recommended on the labels.

    • Hi Richard

      Thank you for visiting my site and leaving comments. You probably know that there are currently more than 680 documented species of Cordyceps. As studies of related species continues, it becomes increasingly obvious that the medicinal benefits of Cordyceps are not relegated to one species. Of these many different varieties of Cordyceps, those presently being cultivated for medicinal purposes and use in health supplements and pharmaceutical drugs worldwide include: Cordyceps sinensis, Cordyceps militaris, Cordyceps sobolifera, Cordyceps subsessilus, Cordyceps ophioglossoides and others. However Cordyceps sinensis is most well known throughout the world. Most (if not all) of the research that has been done on the Cordyceps effects on the human health is based on the clinical studies with Cordyceps Sinnenis rather than any other species.

      In my opinion Cordyceps Sinensis is more beneficial than Cordyceps Militaris.

      In regards to the polysaccharides and Cordycepin, it is still unclear what exactly in Cordyceps has a main beneficial effect. The presence of Adenosine, Cordycepin, Cordycepic acid, the Polysaccharides and vitamins and trace elements may be at least partially the cause of these well-known effects. The studies however show that Cordyceps extract with high polysaccharides percentage is much more effective.

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