Cordyceps Sinensis & Energy levels

Energy and Vigor are sought after by many. Cordyceps can help those seeking a 100% natural energy product. Cordyceps have been used as an energy enhancement medicine for over 1000 years. Cordyceps has a long history in Chinese medicine as a cure-all product prescribed for all sorts of immune system and over-all health symptoms. This prescription was for good reason. Cordyceps have been shown to increase energy and vitality and promote a better overall immune system.
The fungus is unique in that it very often grows off of caterpillars backs and it is spread randomly through grasses. Originally many were against the thought of consuming Cordyceps because of the fact that it was a fungi that grew off of an insect. While there are a lot of known positive effects from Cordyceps, the research done for them is still fairly new. It wasn’t until 1972 that the first strands were able to be cultivated.

The boost of energy when patients take Cordyceps is seen throughout history as well. Early yak herders from the Himalayas found their yaks gained new vigor when they grazed the fields with cordyceps in them. Later in history, Tibet natives in the 1400s found energy benefits from the Cordyceps fungi and reported significant health improvements after it was discovered. The rest of the world did not find out about Cordyceps and it’s effects until the 1700s, when the Chinese emperor pointed out the fungi to a visiting Catholic priest. The incredible energy levels were not enough incentive for the Europeans to try out Cordyceps though. They thought of the concept of a fungi growing from an insect to be very gross and not worth consuming.

Today, Cordyceps as a fungi is widely accepted all over the world as a credible natural energy enhancement product and modern farmers are able to mass cultivate the fungi. In it’s natural environment however, Cordyceps are near extinction because of their top price in the market and their gathering at every spot natives can find them.

As far as benefits for taking Cordyceps are concerned it really helps regulate cholesterol, it helps lower blood pressure, aid in liver function, and especially it helps increase energy levels. Cordyceps have been used as an energy supplement since ancient China, and has worked effectively ever since then. The reason Cordyceps work so well for energy is because at the cellular level they greatly improve the oxygen utilization of the cells. This flow increase turns into a real energy boosts that a client can feel and use.

Some more reasons there is such a significant energy boost from taking Cordyceps is because it contains amino and fatty acids, multiple vitamins that give energy like vitamin B and Minerals like potassium, Enzymes, and Polysaccharides that aid with health. All of these ingredients add up to the super food ‘cure-all’ status that Cordyceps is so famous for accomplishing and creating for it’s consumers. Try out Cordyceps today and see if these incredible results work for you too from this 100% natural product.


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    Could you point me to any studies – scientific/medical type,- that give data on cordyceps providing energy increase?

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