Cordyceps Sinensis & Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular Health and maintenance of your heart’s long term health are goals everyone should have. Yet so few get the proper exercise and diet to suffice and hold together their cardiovascular health effectively. In this busy society, it’s easy to put off proper exercise and diet in lieu of work and many forget it’s a problem until it’s too late. With so many expensive medications and surgeries with often very real and severe side effects it’s no wonder why so many choose effective 100% natural medicine alternatives. One of the best natural products is a rare plant known as Cordyceps. Cordyceps have been one of the most productive natural cures for overall immune system and cardiovascular health on the market.

While Cordyceps is now very popular and sought after on the market, the majority of the plant’s existence was in rare isolation. In fact, Cordyceps only grows in extreme conditions exclusively around the southern mountains in China. With elevations over 3000 meters and frigidly cold temperatures, Cordyceps were extremely difficult to harvest and took much labor. These extreme conditions made Cordyceps hard to come by for the average medicine man just 100 years ago. Prices peaked at an incredible $35,000 for a pound of Cordyceps when it was highly sought after for its health benefits. But in 1972, a world market becomes possible. This was when the first strain of Cordyceps was cultivated outside of nature by scientists. Since then, 40 years of research has led to a product that can be afforded by many throughout the world for incredible health benefits and especially cardiovascular benefits.

So how does Cordyceps as a fungus help directly with Cardiovascular health? Along with exercise, Cordyceps are one of the best additions to one’s diet that a person can make for themselves. Clinical research has shown that Cordyceps can help keep heart rhythm consistent which wards off risks of cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure. Additionally, studies have shown that animals on cordyceps were able to sustain a survival rate of 80% rather than 20% in a 30 minute test for induced Pneumonia. Cordyceps also improve sex drive and libido leading to more blood flow and heart activity. With improved blood flow, lower cholesterol and more energy, these all add up to an improved Cardiovascular system.

Overall, Cordyceps has proved to be one of the best natural medicines to maintain excellent cardiovascular health. The combination of immune system improvements, energy improvements, lower blood pressure and cholesterol all lead to great cardiovascular health. Cordyceps really is a natural product with multiple benefits. This rare fungus is gaining popularity as a ‘cure-all’ natural remedy that really can improve almost every function in one’s body. Cordyceps are even being used as a natural medicine in Cancer treatment! If you haven’t tried out Cordyceps yet, now is the time to try it out and see for yourself if you too can achieve these health benefits. Many people have been enjoying the positive health benefits of Cordyceps already. They’ve gotten benefits from Kidney, Liver, and Cardiovascular functions and so much more. Are you next?

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