Cordyceps Sinensis Benefits Overview

Just how long has Cordyceps been accepted as an alternative medicine for an extensive list of human ailments?

Cordyceps is known to have been ranked as the number one medicine in Tibetan and Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years.  With polysaccharides, nucleosides and cyclosporine, Cordyceps is known to stimulate the immune system, decrease blood sugar levels, have radio-protective effects and contain anti-cancer properties.

Alternative Chinese Medicine (TCM) has long focused on allowing the human body to restore its own self-regulating and self-healing agents.  Many research studies using Cordyceps have shown it to stimulate the immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells in an individuals’ body.  Because of these properties, Cordyceps is frequently suggested for patients who are recovering from surgery or a serious illness.

Cordyceps is also known to alleviate several of the symptoms usually accompanying respiratory illnesses, including chronic bronchitis and asthma.  Other studies have shown Cordyceps is capable of increasing the oxygen level that people assimilate, offerings athletes improved sports performance, stamina and endurance.

Tests in China and Japan have proven Cordyceps is able to help regulate blood sugar levels and has anti-tumor and anti-metastatic effects on the human body.

“Bad” cholesterol levels are also positively affected by the use of Cordyceps and it is known to improve the level of “good” cholesterol.

Cordyceps has been shown to improve sexual energy and desire and is noted to have significant benefits when used in elderly patients suffering from fatigue.  The supplement has also been used for elderly individuals to improve their memory and cognitive capacities.  Significant improvements were seen in these areas after just 30 days of continued Cordyceps use.

In patients whose appetites were not up to normal standards, Cordyceps has been used with much success.  While the cardiovascular system can benefit from the use of Cordyceps, the supplement has also been shown to increase vitality and longevity.

Cordyceps sinensis has been found to help control blood sugar levels, which leads to an obvious improvement for individuals suffering from diabetes or pre-diabetes.  Generally speaking, Cordyceps sinensis improves blood sugar metabolism and increases an individual’s insulin sensitivity.  Cordyceps also has antioxidant properties which have a positive impact on fats within the bloodstream.  Aside from lowering the blood sugar levels of diabetes patients, Cordyceps therefore provides additional health benefits.

Ancient folk medicine is known to have used Cordyceps to heal a myriad of health problems, including coughs, anemia, tuberculosis, senile weakness, infertility, back pain and impotence.  In many area of the West, Cordyceps has a reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Cordyceps has anti-inflammatory properties, regulates body temperature and reduces pain.  Cordyceps also inhibits the growth of many viruses and bacteria, including herpes, adenoviruses and influenza.

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