About Cordyceps

1. History and Medical Use of Cordyceps Sinensis


Many ancient remedies are steeped in mystery. Thanks to their long-term history, the true origin and discovery is difficult to unearth. In the case of the rare fungus Cordyceps, this continues to be true. Various stories are told about noticing the benefits and impacts of ingesting the mushroom.

Cordyceps Sinensis is a unique and exotic mushroom that grows in the mountains of Tibet, Nepal and China. Cordyceps Sinensis has a long history in Tibet Medicine and Traditional Chine Medicine. The mushroom has been used for centuries to address and treat various health conditions and to maintain normal functions of all body systems.

Some stories tell that yak herders in the Hymalayas noticed that the animals became more energetic and invigorated during grazing. The fungus often grows off caterpillars spread randomly through grasses, so it actually possible that while cropping the grasses the yaks also ate mushrooms. The story goes that when the herders noticed the difference in animal behavior they investigated the source and discovered Cordyceps.

When it comes to information that can be verified, it turns out the first written record of the fungus traces back to 620 AD. At this point in Chinese history the high-altitude fungus was reserved for the Emperor’s medicinal use. Stewed into a broth, the medicinal soup was given to the divine leader for health, fertility and increased vigor.

Later, many records out of Tibet date to the 1400s. More details related to the benefits related to energy, overall health improvement and other factors are laid out in more detail during this writings. The Western world discovered cordyceps much later. At one point a catholic priest stayed with the Chinese Emperor. As an honored guest during the 1700s, he was introduced to the rare, powerful mushroom. As a result it was the middle 1700s when documentation began appearing in Western medical literature.

The tradition of considering this odd fungus a mushroom started during this time. Now we know it’s actually in a different family but tradition still holds in most writings about Cordyceps Sinesis. The West has also had an interesting relationship with the mushroom. For most people in European-derived cultures consuming a fungus that grows on an insect is completely disgusting, regardless how much it might benefit your immune system, energy levels, or heart. Today this has also changed.

Modern farmers have learned to cultivate the mushroom without the use of insect hosts. In fact, sourcing Cordyceps outside of Asia is highly recommended. The supplement is very popular again, so demand may outstrip the supply in some areas. As a result some harvesters adulterate the fungus. Any cases of poisoning you hear of related to Cordyceps are typically due to this practice. Some sources even contain lead to increase the weight of this very valuable mushroom. This practice is more common outside countries with good quality controls such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.

In modern herbal practice, Cordyceps is recommended for a variety of conditions. This supplement works in a highly adaptive manner: it adapts to your body and needs. The adaptations include a variety of ways to make your body more efficient resulting in more energy for healing. Common conditions supported by Cordyceps include chronic fatigue, heart conditions (including cholesterol issues), asthma, and others related to the balance between circulation and energy.

Presently this fungus has been under threat of extinction due to its high market price and over-exploitation. Cordyceps can survive only at an altitude of 3–5,000 meters above sea level therefore is the most difficult herb to harvest, which made it the most expensive. There are more than 680 species of Cordyceps, but Cordyceps Sinensis is the most famous and well known for its healing qualities.

Cordyceps Sinensis is by far the most profitable mushroom on the Tibetan Plateau. It is the most widely distributed of Tibet’s economically important wild mushrooms because it occurs in grasslands, the environmental basis for livestock herding.

The following are the most well know benefits:


  • Helps regulate cholesterol levels. Various formal studies demonstrated that administration of Cordyceps Sinensis extract helps t regulated cholesterol level.



  • Stimulates the immune system. Cordyceps Sinensis Extract helps in boosting the immune system. It protects the body from infections. It enhances the defence mechanism in the body.



  • Alleviates the symptoms of various respiratory illnesses. Cordyceps Sinensis extract is the most effective with respiratory illnesses.



  • Increases energy level. In ancient China Cordyceps Sinensis has initially been used as a energy tonic. Cordyceps increases the cellular ATP level and oxygen utilization, which leads to a real increase in actual energy that is available for use.



  • Regulates blood pressure. The research has shown that administration of Cordyceps can help with regulating blood pressure and blood supply.



  • Regulates kidney and liver function.



  • Revitalises sex drive, sexual desire and potency.


The active nutritional components of Cordyceps Sinensis make it precious. These include:


  • Essential amino and fatty acids



  • Vitamins, including Vitamins B1, B2, & B12, E, K.



  • Minerals, including Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Iron, Potassium, and many others.



  • Enzymes



  • Sterols & proteins


The above chemicals elements are crucial for normal function of the body, for example these nutritional elements help to regulate the nerve condition and the secretions in the adrenal glands. These elements are also used to regulate the overall functions of the immune systems.

One of the active elements of Cordyceps Sinensis is cordycepin acid; it acts as an anti-oxidant and helps in promoting the metabolic process. Cordyceps Sinensis contains approximately 20 elements, these are also important as they help in maintaining the electrolytes and elements that are homeostatic in the body.


2. Cordyceps Health Benefits


Occasionally a product comes along that seems like a miracle. Those that live up to those claims are rare. Even rarer is a supplement that has actually been studied to demonstrate potential benefits. Today, Cordyceps is one of the few that brings all of these factors to customers. While any consumer is well-served to investigate “miracle” products, studies have been conducted and published regarding the benefits of this supplement.

The variety of health benefits possible with Cordyceps is perhaps one of the amazing qualities of this rare mushroom. Once you understand how and why so many changes are possible, it’s easier to invest in seeing the results for yourself.

Cordyceps can create a variety of benefits because of how it works with the body. It can literally improve the function of every cell in your system. Due to function and chemical components, this powerful mushroom makes the process of taking nutrition into each cell more efficient. As a result all the normal functions your body conducts are easier: they take less work. Here is what creates all the benefits.

Less work means less inflammation. For those struggling with immune challenges this is a huge benefit. Irritation means more effort. By easing the process of the immune system at a cellular level, you may reach an increased ability to heal, function, and enjoy your life.

The following are just some of the known Cordyceps health benefits.

Liver ailments

Cordyceps sinensis species is used to cure liver fibrosis as a result of metalloproteinases-2 content in it. In a study conducted by researchers from Shanghai University that holds Traditional Chinese Medicine, it was found that Cordyceps sinensis is capable of T lymphocyte level adjustment therefore treating hepatic fibrosis in chronic hepatitis patients. Diabetes-people suffering from blood sugar disease can benefit from Cordyceps since the presence of polysaccharide and Cordyceps mycelia can lower the level of glucose in the blood. Cordyceps militaris also has the effect of improving utilization of glucose in the blood stream thereby enhancing insulin resistance.


Some types of cancer are cured by Cordyceps offering a relief to patients suffering from those cancer types. Cordyceps militaris has cytotoxic effects, which is a panacea to leukemia due to its cultivated fruiting body extracts. Cordyceps also contains the anti tumor extract, which significantly inhibits abnormal cell growth. It also modulates immunity in the body and the production of interleukin factor. Alteration in testosterone levels-it has been found that Cordyceps has an effect on the secretion of testosterone, which is in doses thus giving benefits to those having reproductive problems.

Heart problems

Cultured Cordyceps Sinensis has been perceived as a major benefit to those with cardiovascular complications. The extracts of fruiting bodies of Cordyceps sinensis contributes greatly to the beneficial effect in the formation of chemicals used to inhibit cholesterol levels. This creates a smooth line of blood circulation and inhibits heart conditions. Cordyceps also has the effect to lower blood pressure hence creating vaso relaxation effects.


Cordyceps brings about free radical scavenging effect, which is significant in inducing death of neuronal cell and loss of memory. This is a benefit to people with memory deficits. The radical scavenging effect also helps in anti-oxidative activities.

Cholesterol reduction

Cordyceps are beneficial in that they help lower the cholesterol effects in the body.

It is evident that Cordyceps is beneficial to the body when taken purposefully, and as it is used for its curative effects, researchers are still working out any possibility to find out if it has health benefits in kidney.


3. Safety & Species of Cordyceps


There are more than 680 species of Cordyceps, many of which are used medicinally in China. Common medicinal species include:



  • Cordyceps sinensis – The well known and most effective mushroom. Cordyceps Sinensis has been used in all clinical and formal studies and research on Cordyceps and its effects



  • Cordyceps militaris



  • Cordyceps pruinosa



  • Cordyceps ophioglossoides


As was mentioned before, Cordyceps Sinensis is a very interesting fungus or mushroom. Cordyceps has many bioactive components including 3′-deoxyadenosine, cordycepic acid, polysaccharides, and aurantiamides named cordyceamides A and B. The main nucleosides include thymine, adenine, adenosine and cordycepin.

Various clinical studies have been performed on Cordyceps and no side effects were identified. However it is recommended to use Cordyceps cautiously in patients with prostate conditions or in individuals taking immuno suppressive medications, and hormonal replacement therapy. Avoid in patients with myelogenous-type cancers based on reports of Cordyceps causing proliferation of progenitor red blood cells.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid it as its effects on the human body during pregnancy and breastfeeding are not sufficiently well studied.

In addition, there is no reaction between this product and other drugs that has been confirmed.

Due to the increasing popularity of Cordyceps sinensis, some supplements have been adulterated; some manufacturers substitute other species of cordyceps. The safety of these supplements is not known.


  1. Thank you for creating this website and sharing your knowledge. I’ve been looking for the cordyceps review info for some time and this the only website that provides actual review info.

    • Terri, thanks for your comment. It is nice to know that people find my website useful. In a few couple of months I will be adding more information about Cordyceps and Cordyceps products that are currently available in the market.

      • I have arthritis and coronary arterial disease. I am on simvastatin for cholesterol and plavix as I have stents. Is this ok for me to take?

        • Marc,recent studied have found that for 99% of elderly men who take statins,the bad effects outweigh the good.You have better results taking an aspirn or anti-inflammatory,and they are much safer- for most people. There are many natural ways to lower cholesterol and inflammation,other than statins. And they all are proven to significantly lower it! I know because I have used them and my cholesterol went way down to safe levels. Just want to help inform you- although, you may already have that info.Smile.I see you have heart disease and stents.I am glad to see that you are exploring natural alternatives and not leaving “no stone unturned”-sort to speak”.I wish you the best of Health Marc and a long life! Let me know if you have any luck finding out about the Cordyseps.I would like to know if you are taking them and if and how they are helping you out. Thanks,and please get back w/me.

      • Hi, I found your site and am very happy to have found it. I was recently diagnosed a diabetic, I have fatty liver and possibly a obstructed bile duct!!! My doctor knows I have a liver problem yet prescribed me Glipizide. After research I decided to NOT take this drug and to try something else. I knew of Dr Richard Becker of bio innovations, who sells bio nutrients as I watched his program on tv. I called his company and told them my problems and the people on his staff recommended cordyceps sinensis, as well as a few other things. All I can say, in less than 5 days I notice a difference. My enlarged liver (which was achy) has stopped aching, and even “feels” smaller. It is hard to put into words as it is subtle, yet definite…I feel so much better!!! I am a novice when it comes to supplements or nutrients, but I am going to learn more. Please give us information like this on other natural things that will help us!! Thanks.

      • That would be great. Since many products are being created out of this, it helps to find quality ones.

  2. Very helpful and informative. I was recommended to try this and I placed an order today with a company that gets their Cordyceps from growers in the Pacific Northwest. Your article presented the facts in an easily digested manner, plus the layout and colors help make the page reader friendly. It amazes me when people think they can write anything and people will read it. Yes, content is important, but being able to sit through and read all the content through color choice is also important.

    • Hi Francesca

      Thank you for your comment. I am glad you found this information useful.


    • Francesca,
      where did you order your Cordyseps, from? I see that you say from the Pacific NW. They sell “alot” of, “wholesome”, good-Q products from up that way. Please, get back to me if you read this. Thanks, and good luck w/ your health, Francisca! r

  3. After doing what I feel is “enough” reading about cordyceps I started using the product today. Will keep you all posted on the results. F.Y.I. I will turn 70 this year.

    • I’m hoping you’ll share with me which cordycep you are taking and what improvements you’ve noted and whether you’ve done so under the care of a physician.
      Thank you

      • Hi Mitch,
        I have tried lots of different brands and some does not even smell of cordyceps, currently my choice is set on Cordysen and I’m very satisfied with it. I did noticed a huge improvements to my immune system, stamina and energy levels.

        I hope that helps

        • Hi John,
          Would very much like to try Cordysen but can’t find out how to order from you and would be grateful for your advice.
          Kind regards,

  4. Hi
    I am in toronto canada can i buy cordiceps sineses in toront which store carry I heard Marvles brand is best can u recmend what is the best brand

    • Hi Harry, I already answered your question but the website crashed and some of the info got lost. From my research and experience I’d say Cordysen is a very good product but again it’s only my opinion.

    • Can anyone tell me where to buy cordiceps in the Toronto area – how about New York State?

      • Hi Sarita

        I do not know about Toronto area but you can order this product online (eg cordysen.co.nz) they provide freeshiping worldwide. That’s what I use.


      • I recently purchased a box of Golden Flower brand whole cordyceps sinensis at the Asian Market on Central Ave in Albany/Colonie, NY. It was inexpensive. On the box it says: “contains sulfites”. I’d like to know anyones thoughts on using this product. I swallowed one whole, then on the back of the box noticed a warning to NOT eat them whole. Oh well.

  5. Hi there ! great information from your website!
    i bought 50 pcs of these cordyceps mushroom for 400 $ at a chinese herbal store this morning. Is that the right price ?? Please let me know .Thanks

    • Hi Lena, that price is pretty average in Shanghai for a medium/high quality which would be about 3 pieces per gram.
      I presume you are going to prepare a soup, just ensure you cook it long enough. My wife uses about 2 grams or 6 pieces in her soup however also adds Ginseng and Deer Antler.
      Before you put the cordyceps in the soup, break a few pieces of the caterpillar body to check there are no sticks or indeed lead inside. We had one batch recently which had sticks inserted inside, obviously to create more weight.
      Hope this helps.

      • Richard, thank you for answering Lena’s question :-)

      • Hi Richard.
        I see that you are buing the authentic Nepalese mushrooms. Do you have any info on a safe and reliable way to purchase or buy an import from here in the US? And,do you prefer these over the veggie grown types out there? Just asking because I”d like to begin to take these for incresed immunity,as I am 60 and getting up in age,immunity becoming more of an intrest! Smile. Any personal knowledge which you have gleamed helpful in your quest for health will be most appreciated,and aptly most considered. thank you very much,richard. good luck with you and yours halth.

  6. Nice webpage, however you write: “When it comes to information that can be verified, it turns out the first written record of the fungus traces back to 620 AD.”
    What source are you referring to? This Tang dynasty text seems to exist only on the internet and that was not around in the 6th Century. I have been trying to find that mysterious text Dr. Halpern wrote about for 10 years without ever finding a real sources.
    Also there are not many texts in Tibetan from the 1400s, only one by Zurkhar Nyamnyi Dorje, I translated with my brother.
    keep up the good work,

    • Hi Daniel

      Thanks for your comment and question. Once I find the source I took this information from I will let you know. I just can’t remember which source it was.

  7. Hey, i was wondering if the pharmacuitical version is as effecient or has the same properties, i am refering to the pills. or would you go natural and try to inmport some fresh cordy, which im guessing would be quiet hard.

    • Hi Joshua

      I personally would not go for a row cordyceps. In my opinion, the pharmaceutical version is better and safer. I recommend cordysen or other high in polysaccharides cordyceps products.

  8. hi mohammad hera iam working in dubai my office timing 8 to 5.30 but i cant sit more time bz of back pain and more importent think help me for back pain and leg pain also iam waiting for ur replay i lisen about cordyceps form one of u r emply is it ok for me cordyceps ihave diebaties can i use this cordyceps or not.

    thank you

    Best Regards

    • Hi Mohammad

      I am sorry to hear about your conditions. You definitely can try Cordyceps there are no contra-indications for Cordyceps Sinensis, it’s completely safe even if taken at very high dosages. However if you are taking any blood thinning medications such as Warfarin (Coumiden) or any medication that effects immune function; such as steroids, you should consult your doctor before taking cordyceps.

      I am not sure if Cordyceps will help you with you back and legs problems as I do not know the reason of that pain. However, if the pain is due to diabetes or problems with circulatory system, then Cordyceps will be helpful. For example, Cordyceps has been tested in a number of animal and human trials for the potential as a blood sugar regulation agent, and it has performed very well in this roll indeed.

      If you like I can email you some of the material I have on Cordyceps.

      • Hi Webadmin,
        My husband and I are going to start taking Cordyceps sinesis. We were told it is excellent for fertility purposes. Could you please e-mail me some of the material you have on cordyceps? I’d be very grateful. thank you.

        • Hi Lennie

          I am sorry for the delay in reply. I’ve just emailed you some of the material.

  9. Listen I was watching a PBS show on the nomadic herdsmen who gather these mushrooms…one guy was talking to himself saying that ..some say it is good for you some say it is bad and that we are Tibetan and what do they know..something like that…so my point is that there is rumors among the gatherers that it is bad for you…the show did not elaborate but this herdsman’s wife was ill and made no mention of them eating these fungi?? Maybe it was to valuable to consume themselves who knows..very good show tho and they stated that these Fungi were changing their nomadic life$$$

    • Hi, there is no confirmed negative effects of Cordyceps sinensis. However we all different, and may react differently to similar things. Some people can’t take Vitamin C because of allergy or sensitivity, but because of that we don’t say that Vitamin C is bad for everyone. May be Cordyceps did not work for those people the way they expected it to work but it does not mean Cordyceps is bad for everyone else.

  10. My asthma is gone. It is true :)

  11. I have liver chirosis with cougestive cardiac failure, will this cordyceps sinensis capsules of 270 mg do me any harm.

    Btw fyi i m taking some of the capsules to reduce my phlegm from my chest.

    thank you

    • Hi jeevananthan

      Cordyceps helps to improve liver function and cardiac function. However to answer your question I need to know what medication you are taking? The reason I am asking is that Cordyceps may act as a blood thinner thus is not recommended to be taking with blood thinner medications (plavix, etc).

  12. Hi, which part of the cordyceps is potent, the fungus or the caterpillar? Most pic i see emphasis the caterpillars.

    • The fruiting body has 25% of the weight and 75% of the active compounds, The mycelia (caterpillar body) 75% of the weight and 255 of the active compounds.

    • Japanese research suggests 6 – 9 grams a day of a quality extract. Efficacy is about 64%.

  13. Hi, I’m looking to buy Cordyceps for my dad who has cancer. Where is a good place to buy it from in Los Angeles or is there an online store that’s reputable? Thanks.


    • Hi Yan

      Sorry for the late reply. I am not familiar with any of the Los Angeles stores. I trust two products – New Zealand Cordysen and Cordyceps Cs-4. Cordysen is a very good product with a reasonable price (free shipping worldwide). Cs-4 is a well known product too. I personally prefer Cordysen, but you can have a look which one will be easier for you to get.

  14. Husband and I started our supplement of cordyceps sinensis today. So excited to see how we feel in the coming month!

    • Hi Donna

      It’s good to hear that more and more people discover this great product :-) All the best & keep us posted!

    • The very first comment we get from people is how well they sleep. I noticed this also and in fact for the first two weeks had terrible trouble getting out of bed.
      The energy I found was not something like coffee or another stimulant, so you do not feel it in the head as such, however you do notice it when you exert yourself and feel you have more staying power at that point.

      Some people have stated that they really do not get enough out of it to warrent the expense, so I tell them to quit. After about 4 – 6 weeks they are back on the cordyceps. The reason is that cordyceps is not a drug that acts instantly, it is a natural remedy that slowly builds in the body over about 4 weeks so the physical effects build so slowly you barely notice it…until you suddenly stop taking it.

      A good combination with Cordyceps is deer antlet powder and ginseng if you want a little more punch in the energy department.

  15. how often should you take this mushroom?

    • Hi Anna

      The dosage depends on the following:

      The purpose of taking the supplement – for for a general “maintenance” of well being or treatment
      form of the supplement: powder or extract
      mg per capsule

      If it’s a cordyceps extract (300 mg – 450 mg per capsule) with a purpose of maintain a general well being/ boost immune system I recommend 1 – 2 capsules per day (I would not recommend more than 2 – 3 capsules). If it’s a powder then about 2 gr per day.

      But again it depends on your health condition and the product.

      I personally take one (sometimes two) capsule per day and take a break during summer period.

    • According to Japanese research (and concured with Chinese research) if taking a low value water extract these are the recommended doses;

      Acute pulmonary heart disease

      1 gram 3 times daily


      1.5 grams daily

      Cancer symptoms

      1-2 grams, 3 times daily

      Cancer therapy side effect

      2-3 grams daily

      Chronic bronchitis & Asthma

      1 gram 3 times daily

      Chronic kidney failure

      3-6 grams daily

      Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

      1 gram 3 times daily

      General weakness

      1 gram 3 times daily

      Health maintenance

      1 gram daily

      Hepatitis B

      1.5 grams daily

      High blood viscosity

      1 gram 3 times daily

      High cholesterol levels

      1 gram 3 times daily

      High lipo peroxide levels

      1 gram 3 times daily

      Increased SOD levels

      1 gram 3 times daily

      Kidneys – to protect against antibiotics

      4.5 grams daily

      Kidneys – to protect against cyclosporine

      1 gram 3 times daily

      Post hepatitis cirrhosis

      6 to 9 grams daily

      Male erectile dysfunction

      1 gram 3 times daily

      Quality of life in chronic heart failure

      3-4 grams daily

      Low value water extracts are completly different to high value solvent extracts which would require lower doses.

      Myself. I take a formulation of powders and extracts (Cordyceps sinensis and cordyceps militaris). Generally at 1gm per day, however in Spring and autumn I boost this to ward of colds and flu and up the dosage to 3 grams per day.
      I used to suffer high blood pressure 160/110. Started with all maner or drugs prescribed by my doctor. After one year on Cordyceps I do not take any prescription drugs at all and my blood pressure is now 128/85 as a normal range. I am 51 years old and have a family history of high blood pressure.

      • Hi Richard

        Do you have a reference for this information (on Cordyceps dosage requirements)? I would appreciate a lot.


  16. I heard Cordyceps from high mountains in Bhutan has best qualities. Can you clarify it ? I’ve been taking capsules (1/day) just to maintain the good health. Many tks!

    • Hi Prem

      Due to the rareness of “wild” Cordyceps Sinensis, all the Cordyceps products that are available in the market are cultivated in laboratories. The quality of Cordyceps cultivated in the laboratory depends on the conditions it was grown in. If conditions ( such as temperature, oxygen content, etc) are similar to the native environment then I think it’s hard to say which product is better. It’s hard to know for sure if there is a difference but even if there is a difference I’m sure it would be insignificant.

      • There are significant differences between natural and cultivated cordyceps. Most cultivated cordyceps are about the same or indeed a little weaker than the natural one. However there are some exceptions to this with some commercially grown products in China and Japan being substantially better than naural cordyceps.

        In China there is a huge amount of natural cordyceps for sale. The price varies according to quality which appears to follow a visual scale, not a source scale.

  17. Is this drug helpful for children? I would really like to try it out my self for energy. Where is it soled in regular stores.
    Take care and thanks, Mumba

    • Hi Mumba

      I do not recommend Cordyceps for children simply because there is no data/ research on Cordyceps effects on children health. I do not think that any dietary supplements are recommended for children due to insufficient research.
      Cordyceps sinensis is great for energy boost. Health stores as well as online stores sell Cordyceps.

  18. Thanks for the thorough review. I am interested in taking cordyceps sinesis for fertility. Can you email me the research materials you have on it? What dose would you recommend if taking the cordysen? Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Hi Jeannie

      will email you in next couple of days

    • Hi Jeannie
      For fertility you would be far better off looking for a product with a broad spectrum of nucleosides and in particular Cordyceps products with high levels of Adenosine and cordycepin.
      Cordysen is a polysaccharide extract and as such has very low/nil levels of the types of nucleosides you are looking for.

  19. I have had breast cancer. Can I take this? Is it a phyto estrogen? I’m worried that it might be food for the cancer cells.

    • Cordyceps is not a phytoestrogen and has no estrogen-like components (unlike most processed soy). Although I have not read of any benefits in direct reduction of breast cancer risk from cordyceps, such as are known with DIM, cordyceps may help in improving your overall immune function against cancer. It definitely helps with energy, both mental and physical, which often take a big hit after chemo. My wife had breast cancer 16 years ago (the same year my sister died of it) and does not intend to get it again she feels better on cordyceps than she has in the past 20 years.

  20. Research was easy. Hope to put this info to personal use & pass it around. Sounds exciting.

  21. Sir, I recently purchased 10 complete cordycep caterpillars with the mushroom pertruding from their heads! I paid a good penny for them and anxious to use them but want to use it for the best results! I have heard it has been used by soaking a couple in beverages (?) for two months, in a broth etc… How do you think the best way to use it would be or the best way to prepare it to get the most potency from it! Thanks in advance for your response! Sarge

  22. I am a family physician with a background in exercise & high altitude physiology. My wife and I have been taking a product that includes Cordyceps Sinensens extract for about 15 months. It also contains a pomegranate extract and some Siberian ginseng. We are taking it mainly for energy and we’re both absolutely convinced that the cordyceps is the main ingredient that has made a huge difference. We are both former bicycle racers, but with a combined age of over 118, we were feeling “over the hill”. After about 3 months on cordyceps, we both noticed our energy and speed increasing. In the past year we both had a decrease in our body weight (10%) and body fat (3%) without a major increase in riding mileage, but a big increase in riding speed. My wife (a cancer survivor) is faster and stronger than most women 20 years younger. I just won my first 2 bike races (road and mountain) for men age 55+ against guys who train 2 to 3 times as much as I can. “It rocks!”

    • @ Rich….Could you please tell me the name of the product you and your wife are taking

    • I would love to know the brand of cordyceps you use and
      where to get it.
      also is it safe for people having chemo and radiation
      treatments to use.

      • You can choose the Cordyceps supplier on the home page: http://cordycepsreviews.com/, it’s up to you which one to choose. Cordyceps is not just safe for people having chemo and radiation therapy, in fact Cordyceps is great for those people because of its effect on immune system and over all body functioning.

  23. Hi, I purchased some cordycep caterpillars recently for my mum and would also like to find out what is
    the best way to use it,or the best way to prepare it to get the most potency from it! kindly share. thank you.

  24. Sir,

    Thank you so much for your useful information. After reading, i am certain that the products i consume containing the Cordyceps Sinensis is the miracle.

    Thank you again,

  25. dose this thing is help full in wheat allergy?

    • Hi, to be honest I don’t think that Cordyceps can help with wheat (or any other food) allergy. You can try, but I doubt it.

  26. Hi.

    Is there any information about cordyceps sinensis if it affect pseudomonas aeruginosa?

    I hope to get answer.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Malin

      Apologies for the late reply. As far as I know there is no research on Cordyceps effect on pseudomonas aeruginosa. Personally, I would give it go hence Cordyceps is a natural antibiotic; however I would combine it with something else, eg Reishi, just to maximize the effect.
      Best of luck, John

  27. I’m very interested in this product as I have been looking for something for yrs. I have severe fatigue, low immune system, my adrenals are shot,Low blood pressure, my blood work shows high inflammation, chronic bronchitis…I’m a mess. Doctors can’t figure me out.I just recently started taking Essic as my dr. said to give it a try. I believe that if the immune system is strong it will keep the body healthy. Can the cordycep be taken with Essiac or with other herbs and vit.? Are there any interactions? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. 5 yrs. like this is way to long.

    • Hi Sue
      I am sorry to hear about your condition. There are no known interactions of Cordyceps with other herbs. However Cordyceps is not recommended to be taken with blood thinner medications. You need to check with your doctor if the Essiac formula that you were prescribed with contains red clover. Red Clover, and clover in general, contains a blood thinning principle, so I would not recommend to combine these two supplements.

  28. I find this information very interesting. I’m doing research on a natural alternative to BP medications. I’ve been on Beta Blockers for a few years and was just switched to a new one. Bystolic 10 mg/day. I’m not enjoying the side effects. Especially the increased PVC’s (pre-ventricular contractions) which were sporadic if at all on the previous Beta Blocker I was switched from (Metoprolol ER, 75 mg /day) The sleep disturbances aren’t fun either. Could you recommend a Cordyceps alternative for me? Thanks.

  29. Hi admin,
    i see many ppl said they have bought,but no one specifies where they bought. I m really interested to buy wild cordyceps but no one specified where to buy.

    Nepal,bhutan,tibet,china….where ever..tel me the place,i m ready to buy. Plz help.

    • I buy mine from New Zealand. Buy I recommend you to read about different suppliers before you make your choice.

  30. Cordyceps are just like another kind of mushroom. How much mushroom you can eat at dinner? I am Chinesse, we have been using it in soup for many, many years. We normally put 20 raw Cordyceps for a family of 4. But the high price force us reduce the number of times making the soup of this kind. Even kids are safe to have them. Otherwise, I am not talking here.
    As matter of fact, I am trying to cultivate this fungus. The fungus is not hard to cultivate. It is the worm (the larva of the moth) that makes it hard. So I am going to use different larva, even cicada larva (there is a kind that emerge 3 to 5 years in the wild, domestic ones can be. 2 to 3 years). Silkworm shouldn’t be a problem. All it needs is the nutrient from the insects, and the fungus will finish the rest. Wish me luck.

    • Best of luck!!! :)

  31. I hv stage 4 kidney disease, my GFR is 26. Will taking marvlix Cordyceps increase my kidney function. I am taking diltiazem 240mg ER and metropolol 5mg daily. If it will how many grams should I take a day.

    • For kidney disease the recommended dosage is 3 – 4 grams.

  32. What is a good brand of cordyceps capsule? Thanks

    • Hi Richelle, as you can see my favorite brand is New Zealand Cordysen, then follows Nu V™ Cordyceps Sinensis and so on…

  33. Hi all,

    I would like to know if there’s a difference in Cordyceps sinensis from Bhutan comparing to those of Tibet, China, Nepal.

    In terms of how their values and effects are perceived?

    • Hi Frank, you should check with the manufacturing or retail company what their manufacturing or cultivation process is because I think there can be a few companies in Bhutan that sell/cultivating cordyceps.

  34. I need help my husband has a litte of meomy loos it just start it 4 or 5 month ago is this cordyceps good for him we try doctor med no help please help me with my husband i need he need more please.

    • Hi Rosemary, unfortunately there is no research available about Cordyceps’ effect on brain function and memory loss, so I can’t help you with your question.

  35. Hi,

    Is it safe to give cordyceps to a 4 year old child who has mild asthma?

    • There is no sufficient data on Cordyceps effect on children so there is no easy answer to your question. You can start with small dosages watching your child and if any allergy or adverse reactions occur then stop immediately.

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